Our Goals & Objectives

Our primary goals are to publish new and exciting books within the scope of fiction, fantasy, and great adventures, and to an extent, romance and crime. In choosing which books to support, our most important consideration is books which introduce concepts never seen before, or adventures which have some uncommon, unusual elements within. That spark of novel creativity and imagination is what we value the most. Those are the books we seek to publish and promote.
In a day and age where the entire industry is more interested in who or what an author is, rather than whether their potential book is great, we take a different approach. First and foremost, our interest is focussed on your manuscript. We are interested in you only insofar as how you got to the point of writing it, what spurred your imagination and inspiration, and what motivated you in your work. We care about great books, journeys and exciting new discoveries to share with the world.
Our motto is simple: our authors CREATE, and we help the world to DISCOVER them and enable their books to ENTERTAIN us all!
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