Our Book Editions

Paperback editions: We publish practically all of our fiction in paperback format. Sometimes these are released in two or more different covers in order to appeal to different readerships or markets. In such cases each paperback version is released under its own unique ISBN but they will share the same titles.
eBook editions: Due to the different requirements and unique distribution networks for e-books we outsource their sales, management and distribution to third parties. This ensures the proper conversion and formatting takes place enabling us to support a wide range of different devices and platforms. The most popular Kindle, iBooks and Nook are all supported as are other less well known ones. In case you use a platform which does not list our titles, please let us know and we will do our best to add support for it. We do not distribute our e-books on subscription or revenue sharing e-book platforms.
Hardback editions: Hardback books are typically reserved for limited editions. When produced these are seldom available in the global distribution channel. More often than not they are gifted by the author directly, by ourselves to those who have contributed in some special way or are given out to competition winners. Unfortunately, they are not available for general sale and the number of copies is (typically) extremely limited.
Please note: not all of our titles or authors are available in all editions. These are book by book decisions made on a business and feasibility basis. The best way to check if your forthcoming favourite author or book is going to be published in a given format or edition is to check its book pages!
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