About Us

Bastian & West is a spin-off from an older publisher. During a restructure, a group of us decided to take on a new challenge and delve into a new subset of the publishing market. Adopting a vision-centric approach to promotion and the nurturing of quality content, rather than churning out large quantities of similar publications, we take a very personal approach with all our titles.
We are a small publisher and as such are very hands-on at every stage of the book publishing process. We work hand in hand with our authors and service providers. This enables us to have a degree of flexibility, which is of great benefit to our authors and readers. It is a key asset, allowing us to ensure the best possible books are brought to our readers and ensures we maintain a productive, nurturing relationship with our authors.
We are what the industry terms a traditional publisher. This means we take on only the manuscripts which fall within our remit, which we are able to market most effectively. It also means that our authors work on a royalty-based percentage and will need to be involved during several stages of the processes, in bringing their books from the initial manuscript into a published book.
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